Do You Know The Secrets Of Acquiring A Small
Business ALL WITHOUT Risking Your Own Cash?

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"Watch this case study about a deal we recently did. It was originally for sale for $3,200,000. We picked it up for $2.3M with no cash out of pocket or credit. It makes $742,000 a year in profit after all expenses. Boom!"

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Announcing: 3 Days of millionaire pro-level secrets used by A-List investor Mike Warren and his team — to buy and sell Multi-Million Dollar Companies…Without using any of their own money!

Flipping Businesses Is The Path To True Wealth…
If you Know The Secrets!

At this year’s Business Flipping Mastery, I’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty.

First I made it easy for you to attend by holding my “no-pitch-fest” training in areas that people actually want to visit. Second, I’m all about under-promising and over-delivering. So I am going to reveal my exact blueprints on how my students and I are profiting right now, today, in areas that no-one else knows about.

Despite what’s happening in the economy, the market, and changes in rules and regulations – my students continue to win big.

And I’ll share with you exactly what they’re doing right now.

Think About This…

Just one idea from one me that helps you make an extra $100,000+ (in management/salary alone) this year is enough to make this Business Flipping Mastery the best investment you make in 2021! (Not everyone will be allowed to attend! No Pikers, No Tire kickers and No Whiners!)

Plus, you will learn cutting-edge ideas and meet other investors and business owners from around the world who attend Business Flipping Mastery.

The ideas you learn from me and the ability to partner with me and other investors at this event will give you the tools and strategies to go out and make more money with less effort in 2023!

This training is all about finding the right business, negotiating, doing due diligence, finding the money and closing on a business deal. Then, growing the company 3x and selling for top dollar.
Plus these bonuses:

  • How to use VA’s to do most of the work for you at $4/hour.
  • How to never deal with a business broker and get the best deal possible
  • Special $2000 course on negotiating million dollar deals…..just for attending!
  • Plus a free 5 day vacation to a beach front resort in Mexico, Orlando or Vegas (airfare not included) for all students who attend!!

We are going to have a special session where you get to bring deals that you find to the Business Flipping Mastery. Don’t worry we will give you information before the event so that you can start to find them and pre-screen them. You will be able to present your company to our panel of experts to see if we would be interested in partnering on the deal with you.

If you have ever watched the TV show “Shark Tank” or “Dragon’s Den” then you will have a idea of what we are going to do. This will be fun and we can work out the details of your deal right on the spot. This type of setting is INVALUABLE! You will have millions of dollars in funding available to you through the panel, plus years of experience. It does not get any better than that.

  • Real Estate Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Employees Sick of Their JOB
  • Small Business Owners
  • Financial Planners
  • Stock Investors Who Want Predictability
  • People stuck in a J.O.B
  • People Looking To Improve
  • Landlords
  • People Looking To Take It To The Next Level
  • The “New Rich”
  • Network Marketers
  • Frustrated CD investors

Or, Anyone Else Who Wants to Join The New
Business Revolution And Start Raking In BIG TIME
Cash Profits In Today’s Market!

Your parents may have told you “watch out who you hang out with”. Well, in some sense, they were right, particularly when it comes to financial success. Who you surround yourself with in business will generally determine how much you make. To increase your business and your income, you need to be exposed to the type of people who think and act the way in which you need to think.

The people who attend this Business Flipping Mastery are by far some of the most eager entrepreneurs around. Plus, you get…

  • 3 Full Days Networking, Mind-Melding & Peering Into The Little-Known World Of Wall Street Private Equity Firms, Hedge Funds & the Mega-Wealthy.
  • You’ll rub elbows With An Ultra-Rich Group Of Deal-makers Responsible For Over $1 Billion In Transactions Who Are Willing To Invite You In & Give You An All-Access Pass To Their Strategies,
  • Here’s Your Chance To Spend One Weekend With Us & Learn How To Build Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In Recurring Monthly Revenue
  • AND Acquire Huge Ownership Interests In Multi-Million Dollar Companies Without Shelling Out A Penny Of Your Own Money.

This event is un-like any event you have been to before!

It is not an event with a stream of speakers selling you stuff. Nope. Instead, this is a hands-on training where we show you how to find the right company to buy, how to negotiate so you have no cash out of pocket, how to grow the company and ultimately how to sell it down the road.

Do you want a 6-figure salary? NO PROBLEM.

Do you want a 7-figure payday down the road? NO PROBLEM.

If you think you have what it takes to learn these secrets I have some bad news. Unfortunately I can’t just take your word for it. Just because you could cut a check does not mean that you will be allowed to go. I mentioned a couple of times but, this is an apprentice program not a home-study course. If you want to attend you have to explain to me why you think you should be allowed to go.

Everything you need to completely crush it in the next 12 months will be in the room during this 2-day Business Flipping Mastery training.

  • The people you need to know will be there.
  • The resources you need to succeed will be there.
  • The training you need will be there.

The only uncertainty is, WILL YOU BE THERE?

Well, I hope so, but if you don’t hurry and apply for access, you might not be allowed in.

Everyone that is already attending has paid $5000 or more to get our Business Flipping Home Study Course and the live event.

I’m willing to let you come to the event for a 90% discount. That’s just $499.  I may never make this offer again.

You can actually get your first business in the next 60 days……and you get 5 night vacation in Mexico, or 3 nights in Orlando or Vegas too (a $1,500 value)!

Register you and 1 guest to come to the event right now. Come to the live event ($4,500 off) and get the 5-star vacation.

Take Advantage of this Opportunity!

Mike Warren is an international business maverick whose contrarian strategies have helped his students generate tremendous growth and increase cash flow for their businesses. His students and clients come from a variety of different backgrounds but primarily are C-level executives and entrepreneurs. He specializes in getting cash for businesses and real estate, as well as buying and selling companies across the world. Students from around the world are passionate to learn Mike’s proven strategies.

Mike speaks, trains, and coaches both nationwide and internationally about real estate, hyper-business growth, and credit. His presentation style has been described as edutainment: a mix of education and entertainment. He teaches through platform, teleseminar, webinar and video conferencing. He is the bestselling author of “How To Buy A Business Using Its Own Cash,” an in-depth how-to book to get into the “business flipping” game.

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