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Click on the product you have purchased where it is listed below. All Business Flipping products are cumulative, meaning that the level you purchase includes all of the features of the products preceding it. The courses available in the “Additional Resources” section below are not included with the Business Flipping Products.

Deal Finder Basic System

Find out how to locate businesses for sale and evaluate their potential. Begin adding deals to our deal vault so they can be selected by our investors.

Deal Finder Pro

Use our Deal Genie Deal Finder along with other techniques to find deals to add to our Deal Vault. Join the BMU Community on weekly group calls to supplement your knowledge by hearing from other students and their experiences.

Remote Business Acquisition System

Enjoy full access to our course material to learn how to find, negotiate and close Business Flipping deals on your own. Load deals into the Deal Vault to earn finder’s fees when our Affiliate’s close on the deals you submit. Download forms and other important documents to assist you in buying your first deal(s). Join the BMU Community on weekly group calls to supplement your knowledge by hearing from other students and their experiences.

Bronze Affiliate Partner Program

The opportunities for learning and growing abound in this program. Attend our next Business Buying Bootcamp, spend time in 1-on-1 sessions with an experienced business coach, and participate in weekly group coaching calls. Adding your deals to our “deal vault” enables you to earn up to $25,000 if your deal closes.

Silver Affiliate Partner Program

Joining this Affiliate level program opens the doors to successfully working business acquisition deals with our high-level partners and investors. Bring your own deals to the table, or select from our deal vault and earn equity while receiving the guidance you need to make your first deals successful. All Affiliates are eligible to join the SBA Funding program as well. This is a great way to earn equity in deals without doing any of the work.

Gold Affiliate Partner Program

This program provides significant one on one training as well as help with the financial evaluation of businesses that are available to purchase. You can work deals on your own, or collaborate with other high level affiliates. At this level, you get direct access to Mike Warren once you have identified the right deal for you. He will help guide you through negotiation and closing steps. Sign up for our SBA Funding program and earn equity in deals without doing any of the work.

Platinum Affiliate Partner Program

One of only two mentorship programs that we offer, the Senior Affiliate Program gives you the opportunity to work beside Mike for 12 months, analyzing, negotiating and closing deals. As part of this program, you will be exposed to deals from our Deal Vault, but also deals that Mike has an interest in from other sources. You can earn equity and consulting fees on deals you participate in.

Diamond Affiliate Partner Program

This is our highest level of Mentorship. Master Affiliates work regularly with Mike Warren on deal selection, negotiation, closing, and developing strategies to increase profitability. In addition, you are teamed up with Junior Affiliate and Affiliate members to increase your capacity to work through deals.

Additional Resources

Additional Resources are listed below. Log in to this Member’s Area then click on the icon for the course you purchased in order to access the materials.

Quick Start Kit

Let your personal skills make you money, even if you don’t think you have the right ones to succeed.

Become one of the Millions that are learning how to make money online even without fancy tools, a lot of money or even a degree.

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