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Use your existing email list, advertise on Face Book, LinkedIn or other social media platforms, or get started developing a new list to sell the following products:

Home Study Course Email Marketing:

The BMU Home Study Course—generate sales by inviting your tribe to attend a free Training Class hosted by Mike Warren. At the end of the class attendees are invited to purchase our Business Flipping Home Study Course.
We will provide you will a series of 5 emails to send to your email mailing list.  We also set up a link in our CRM that recognizes you as the Referring Partner.  When recipients click on the link in the emails you send, they go to a Webinar Registration Page.  When they enter their name, they are automatically added to our CRM and flagged as your contact.  Whether they watch the webinar or not, they are also automatically enrolled in a follow up sequence of emails to close the sale.  We recommend that you promote to your list every 6 months:
Depending on the size and how well you have nurtured your list, you should be able to sell 25-50 courses per year.  Additionally, if any of your referrals upgrade to a coaching package, you will receive a 15% commission on whatever they pay for the package.

Business Flipping Mastery Live Events

Your parents may have told you “watch out who you hang out with”. Well, in some sense, they were right, particularly when it comes to financial success. Who you surround yourself with in business will generally determine how much you make. To increase your business and your income, you need to be exposed to the type of people who think and act the way in which you need to think.

The people who attend this Business Flipping Mastery are by far some of the most eager entrepreneurs around. Plus, they get 2 Full Days Networking, Mind-Melding & Peering Into The Little-Known World Of Wall Street Private Equity Firms, Hedge Funds & the Mega-Wealthy. They’ll rub elbows With An Ultra-Rich Group Of Deal-makers Responsible For Over $1 Billion In Transactions Who Are Willing To Invite Them In & Give Them An All-Access Pass To Their Strategies.

It is not an event with a stream of speakers selling stuff. Nope. Instead, this is a hands-on training where we show  how to find the right company to buy, how to negotiate with cash out of pocket, how to grow the company and ultimately how to sell it down the road.

We provide a series of emails to send to your established list, promoting the mastery events we hold 3 times per year.  We provide a link that sends leads to a live event registration page.  The cost for non-home study course buyers to attend is $499. Additionally, if any of your referrals purchases a coaching package, you will receive a 15% commission on whatever they pay for the package.


Facebook and LinkedIn Marketing:

Do you have a Group or Profile in Facebook and/or LinkedIn? Either of these platforms can be a great way to generate sales. Don’t know how to begin? No, problem. We have resources that can be made available to you to get you started. If you are already a pro, great.

You can use ads we’ve already designed or create your own. Keep in mind that all costs for setting up and running ads are your responsibility. We provide you with a unique link to place in your ad which will allow us to recognize any sales activity as belonging to you. This can be a great way to sell our Home Study Course, or direct leads to our Coaching Application Funnel.
Our success is your success, so we use our autoresponder sequences to stay on top of every lead you send us!

Note: Ads must be approved prior to publishing on any platform.

Sales Of Coaching And Mentoring Programs:

We encourage you to develop your referral list, and encourage bootcamp attendance to increase the attendance of potential Coaching buyers.  You will receive 15% of any sales generated at the bootcamp.  All commissions are based on actual dollars collected.

We continue to market our coaching and mentoring programs to all leads supplied by our Brand Ambassadors. Whether It’s a home study course or Live Event sale, we take the time to nurture the buyer and provide them with additional learning opportunities. You also have the option of promoting a coaching/mentoring application webinar to your list. In any case, your leads are your leads. If we successfully sell a coaching or mentoring package, you earn a 15% commission.

Our current packages:

Junior Affiliate
Our Junior Affiliate program is designed to jumpstart your Flipping Business career with private, one-hour coaching sessions with one of our BMU coaches! Our coach will help you navigate through our course material, learn to use our Deal Vault and understand how to turn these resources into personal income.

Affiliate Program
If you are ready to dive in now, our Affiliate Program is a perfect fit. Not only will you receive one on one coaching time with one of our BMU Business Coaches, you also get access to Mike Warren’s expertise when you are ready to discuss your first deal.

Senior Affiliate:
This mentorship program allows you to work directly with Mike Warren on deals you bring to the table, or deals Mike has an interest in from other sources. At the end of this 12 Month program, you will be equipped to continue working with the BMU Community, or branch out on your own to widen your circle of influence.

Master Affiliate:
For a select number of people, this 2 year program will have you working directly with Mike Warren and his team. You will also have access to other members of the BMU community to give you access to as many new deal opportunities as you can handle. While many features of the program are limited to 2 years, the relationships you build will last a lifetime

Meet Our Current Ambassadors:

Chad Keiser

Tom Brain

Patrick Jones

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