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If you own a business or are interested in buying one or more businesses……we want to work with you! Mike Warren and his team have put together training programs that can help anyone that wants to chart a new financial course through buying and/or selling businesses.

If you think you need a lot of money or experience to buy or own a business….think again. Take the time to watch Mike’s free training Class to better understand how you can be successful too!

Get Your Free Copy of Mike’s Best Selling Book “How to Buy a Business using its Own Cash”

Get Your Free Copy of Mike’s Best Selling Book “How to Buy a Business using its Own Cash”


BMU was founded on the idea of Flipping Businesses instead of Flipping Houses. Imagine owning your own multi-million dollar company, purchased with little or no money of your own, and sitting back and collecting the profits while your management team does all the work.

Now imagine selling that business for three times the value that you paid for it!

Business Flipping Mastery Live Events

Mike Warren and Kevin Harrington of the original “Shark Tank”

Rub Shoulders with Successful Investors

Your parents may have told you “watch out who you hang out with”. Well, in some sense, they were right, particularly when it comes to financial success. Who you surround yourself with in business will generally determine how much you make. To increase your business and your income, you need to be exposed to the type of people who think and act the way in which you need to think.

Three Full Days

The people who attend our Business Flipping Mastery are by far some of the most eager entrepreneurs around. Our events are 3 Full Days of networking and learning from Deal-makers who are willing to share their strategies and invite you in on deals. Mike hosts 3 Business Flipping Mastery events each year…..Click below to sign up for our next event.

Our Programs

BMU offers a variety of programs to suit both entry level people and experienced entrepreneurs. We offer a Home Study Course, Coaching, Mentoring, and Brand Ambassador Programs. Wherever you see yourself, we have a program tailored to your needs.


Whether you choose Home Study, Coaching or Mentoring, all of the BMU products were specifically designed by Mike Warren (CEO and Founder) to allow students to grasp the concept of negotiating, buying and selling businesses as a method of generating income.
Our students come from all walks of life and bring different skill sets to the table. You choose the best method of starting or expanding your business flipping career!


Hear from Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington….one of the original “Shark Tank” Sharks calls the processes we teach “proven and repeatable systems.”


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